What is Snapbikes?

Snapbikes is a Self-Drive bike rental service which allows you to rent bikes by the day, week, or month. We have a wide variety of bikes. Basically, we save you the cost of travelling in a Taxi and hassle of travelling by public transport while giving you all the freedom of: convenience, mobility, and independence.

How It Works
How It Works
How It Works

Rent a bike by the Day, Week, or Month

No Hidden Charges. Just pay the rent
and zoom. No capping on KMS

Range of Vehicles: Moped, Scooters,
Bikes, Luxury Bikes

Return / Reschedule

Late Return
a) You will be charged for an additional day. No grace time will be allowed.
b) An additional Rs. 300 will be charged as late fee

Shortening Post Start
Day rental will be charged for bookings made for upto 7 days and returned earlier.
For bookings made on weekly / monthly - Retention applicable* + discounts offered / special weekly or monthly package rate shall not apply.

Extension Post Start
Extension can be done as per availability and regular charges.

Reschedule Before Start
a) No additional charges if the trip is rescheduled more than 48 hours before the booking start time.

a) There are no charges if you cancel more than 48 hours before booking start time.
b) A charge of 1 day rental of booking amount is applicable if cancelled within 48 hours of the booking start time.

Fees and Penalty

Note that Snapbikes tracks the speed of all vehicles through a sophisticated back end monitoring system that provides real-time overspeeding alerts.
a) Member will receive a warning email along with a fine of Rs 500 for reaching a speed of 80 Km/hr and above during a reservation.
b) Member will be automatically expelled from Snapbikes' service if they exceed a speed of 120 km/hr at any point.
c) This fine is contractually imposed upon you and is in addition to any statutory fine that may be, or may have been, separately imposed upon by you.